West63rd offer a variety of secure cloud based services including Kerrio Connect, off-site backup solutions, and IAAS (infrastructure as a service).

Cloud based applications store data in a remote location and provide greater convenience and accessibility to end users by allowing them to access software through a web browser or mobile app, which previously they may have only been able to access via their computer.

The changing world of business means people now need instant access to E-Mails and files when on the move via their mobile devices and cloud applications enable them to do this.

Every client is different. We understand this and over the coming months we are looking to develop our cloud based services to provide more bespoke solutions.

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  • Kerio Connect
  • Off-site backup
  • IAAS
  • Mobile access
  • Secure data storage
  • Expert consultancy and management

Other Hosted Services:

Hosted E-Mail

We offer a fully hosted and managed E-Mail service.

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Off-Site Backup

Some things are not worth risking, and being without an off-site server backup facility is one of them.

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Website Hosting

West63rd specialise in the delivery of reliable and affordable complex website and E-Commerce hosting solutions.

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Hosted VOIP

VoIP is now widely used across the board - from residential households to large corporates. Why? The increased availability of free on-net calls in the main.

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